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Team USA - Update #7

Team USA - Update #7

We are home! 

Our final days in St. Simons were filled with God encounters. Patrick Smith and Mike Mandel prayed for a gentlemen at a Red Box and he got saved! On Monday, the ladies got to be part of North Island Church’s women’s bible study. The ladies got the opportunity to honor one another.      

On Tuesday night we got to go to Mac and Allison's house (the Pastors) where we closed off our visit by discussing all the Lord had done while we were with them. They we’re excited for the seeds that were planted and grateful for us coming.  

From Jackson, MS to St. Simons Island, we have done what we set out to do. 

Lives were changed, the Kingdom was advanced, and people encountered the Father’s Love. 

Blog written by Lee Bradshaw

Team USA - Update #6

The Goodness of God   

 During our stay in St. Simon’s Island, one of the members of the church at which we were ministering invited us to come and minister at his workplace. The man who asked us to join him at work is a high school English teacher. He welcomed us into his Bible as Literature senior class. We were given the incredible opportunity to do apologetics with the Bible Lit class for three days. We attested to the goodness of God and tried to handle some difficult questions. After the one of the classes, a few students stayed late and we prayed for physical healing. Alaina received a word of knowledge earlier in the day about some whose legs were mismatched in length. Two of the girls who stayed after class actually had uneven legs! We prayed and one of them was healed as we watched her leg grow out. She said that she felt her posture had shifted and her shoulders balanced after we prayed. After the last session, we stayed around and chatted with the teacher for a few minutes. The bell rang for the next class, a World Lit class, and we decided that we felt grace to stay and continue to minister. The tone of our visit changed as we recognized the presence of the Lord and the grace to prophecy. We then continued the apologetics with a question-answer format which ended with prophetic ministry for each inquirer. The questions soon faded as we began the hear requests like, “Tell me about myself,” and “Tell me about my past.” We then went into pure prophetic ministry and ended the class with a time of laying hands on a few of the students. We were blown away that Jesus would open a door for us to be His witnesses in a public school!

Blog written by Patrick Smith

Team USA - Update #5

Team USA - Update #5

St. Simon's Island/North Island Church

Our time on the Island has been exemplified, I believe, by a rhythm between "doing" and rest. Here are some highlights from this week:

On Monday night (3/23) the team women attended SOS, a ministry for young married/soon to married women.  We prophesied over each woman individually.  It was a blast to flow with one another and to see the words of encouragement hit the mark time and time again.  

Tuesday, 3/24:

In the morning most of the women attended a ladies study taught by Alyson Tucker, the pastor's wife. The women were finishing up a study that Alyson has been teaching on The Prayer of Petition.  Several women gave testimonies of how the teaching had impacted them. The team then spent the next hour or so praying over, encouraging and getting to know the women.

Concurrently, the team men plus Marakia and Alaina had the privilege of sharing in the classroom of Scott Infante. Scott is a member of North Island Church and teaches Biblical Literature and World Literature in the public school system. His class is made up of about half believers, half unbelievers. The teamed shared with the class through a question and answer format, plus one member of the team shared a "before and after Jesus" testimony. What a remarkable opportunity.

On Tuesday evenings the church has separate Bible studies for men and women.  Janie Levin (for the ladies) and Mike Mandel (for the men) taught on Ungodly Beliefs. Believe me, both of them knocked it out of the park!!!  Following the teaching, we prayed with each person there and continued to get to know these amazing men and women. Cool story...a husband and wife each received healing of a frozen shoulder.  Two different rooms, same God, same healing. Yay God !!!

Wednesday, 3/25:

Yay!!! Finally some sunshine. Though much of the day was spent indoors doing the following:

Emily, Alaina, Marakia and the men returned to the high school classroom where they were able to sow more seeds into the lives of these young men and women. They are returning again on Friday. [and just reported that today, Friday, they have stayed for a second class and are prophesying over students. Did I mention this is a public school?)

The rest of the team spent the morning in Brunswick at His Ministries. His Ministries is a daytime drop-in center that provides services for the homeless and those struggling with such things as addiction and prostitution. On this day there were only women in the center, but a team of men were headed out to take sandwiches to men on the street. The team got to pray with them before they left.The day our team was there Mary, herself fairly recently off the streets, gave a presentation on how to apply for a job. The team was so impressed.  There were many opportunities to visit with the women present and to offer prayer, encouragement and fellowship. 

That night we offered prophetic ministry at the church.  We had sign-up sheets that were almost completely filled up on Sunday.  That tells you something about the hunger and receptivity of these friends. With four teams and in two hours we prophesied over 40 people!!!  It was such an amazing time.  Such a privilege. So much life imparted. 

Thursday, 3/26:

Day off. Adventures in walking, beach time, hot tubs, marshlands, bike rides, dinner at Gnats, the day culminating in baby turtle rescue. Greenpeace got nothin' on us.

And then there was the matter of a small frog in the women's condo. That matter was also resolved peacefully for all involved.

Blog written by Sue Roth

Team USA - Update #4

Team USA - Update #4

After a restful Thursday, the team was back in full force on Friday.  Here's what we've been up to these last three days:

Friday, 3/27.

The team that was in Scott Infante's classroom on Tuesday and Wednesday returned for a third day. See next blog for a detailed report.

Friday night we joined with Scott and his wife, Jane, in an area of Brunswick, Georgia, where they have been building relationship and blessing the residents. They call this outreach "Pizza and Prayer."  We set out to visit many different apartments with pizzas and cokes. Many of the residents are "regulars" who they specifically try to visit, but there is enough pizza so that there is always opportunity to expand into new homes. Most of the people we met were very open to receiving prayer and the many kids greeted the team with great enthusiasm. 

Saturday, 3/28.

North Island Church sponsored a Father's Heart Workshop on Saturday. Teaching that day were: Bettye Stanley (Hearing God's Voice), Marakia Hughes (Forgiveness), Patrick Smith (Father Heart), and Alaina Williams (Father Types). They each did so well!!!  

Saturday evening we enjoyed a team dinner at Blue Water Cafe. Great time. And adding to the fun -- the cafe hostess and our waitress are both high school students who were part of the classroom ministry mentioned above. One is a believer, the other not yet. 

Sunday, 3/29.

Lindsey Darnell, Bettye Stanley and Emily Justice taught in the kid's church on the topic of "Hearing God's Voice." Each of the kids were able to hear something or receive an impression from the Lord. The rest of the team got to pretty much be "civilians" during the morning service...until the fire tunnel at the end of the service.   

Mac gave an awesome message on the Peace of God. So much truth. So much encouragement. At the end of the service, the team formed a Fire Tunnel and we were able to bless, pray, prophesy, encourage each one who came through. They then turned the tables on us and formed a Fire Tunnel to bless us.  It was off the charts!!!

From church we went to a park by the pier and enjoyed a picnic with the church. Gorgeous sunny day...but the party didn't last all day. Had to say goodbye to a few, but we will still be able to see some of our new friends before we leave on Wednesday.

Blog written by Sue Roth


Team USA - Update #3

Team USA - Update #3


We Will Go Arts woodworking shop

  • Its’ focus is Isaiah 61:3
  • Our team spent time that day helping to rearrange the wood to create more space in the building

The Fountain

  • This place has many different opportunities to serve: children with homework, bible studies, and playing basketball  
  • We helped serve the interns and interact with the kids in these areas

Canned Goods

  • It gave a hand on experience of helping hand out the food, as well as, getting to know the community better. 

Hands and Feet

  • This ministry provides away to meet peoples needs, whether that is through clothing to bedding to encountering the Father’s love through prayer

Yard Work/Maintenance

  • Around base 1, we helped clean up the area.
  • Stacking bricks
  • Break up pieces of wood and take the nails out them

Testimonies from Missionaries

  • They completely surrender to Jesus and He has set them free.
  • They share His LOVE with everyone

Praying and Prophesying 

  • From the people on the streets, missionaries, to additional volunteers
  • It felt like almost every time we talked to someone, we were praying and or prophesying over them.
  • People were blessed and felt God’s heart for them


  • Prophesied over the congregation
  • Prayed for people
  • Then we were invited to visit a high school


  • Husband and wife had problems raising their arms and they can raise them to past their ears
  • Team member experienced numbness in her foot and it was healed

Blog written by Lindsey Darnell

Team USA - Update #2

Team USA - Update #2

Miracles of LOVE

On Saturday Team USA started the evening with praying and prophesying over a family from Texas that has been volunteering with us all week. We loved encouraging our new friends and sharing our experience here with them. Mike prayed for the wife who had experienced migraines for over 20 years and she got healed! She came back after an hour and still had no pain!

That evening we had the opportunity to pray for friends and neighbors who work at the nightclubs and in the adult entertainment industry in Jackson. We have been deeply impacted by the way our new friends here in Jackson choose to love. They see their neighbors for who they are, not for where they are at or where they have been. They are not evangelizing in the traditional sense. Their “evangelism” is friendship and relationship. They call the gold out in each one, and speak truth and life over everyone they meet – in this case, neighbors who work at or patronize the nightclubs.

There is a woman they have been building friendship with for over a year who knew the Lord when she was younger, but due to tough circumstances had ended up working in the clubs here. This weekend we witnessed the Lord’s relentless pursuit of this friend, who said yes to Jesus and found the courage to walk out of the club in the middle of her shift. We absolutely witnessed a miracle that night. We are thankful for the power of prayer, and thankful for a father who relentlessly pursues his kids.

Sunday morning we participated in prayer walking through downtown Jackson. We felt saddened and amazed at the same time. We went through the old city, seeing many buildings that have been left there to become rubbish. Many of the businesses had left and boarded up.  As we walked and learned new things about the city with our missionary friend, we came upon a couple getting out of their car. We said hello and felt the Holy Spirit prompting us to speak with them. The wife share with us how active and thriving the area had been when she was a kid. We prayed with the couple, who turned out to be a reverend and a deacon from Kentucky, and felt the power of God as we prayed for and declared life over the downtown area. Then we broke out into an old gospel song, called “Victory is Mine.” It such a perfect song for this city, but also to sing over our own lives:

Victory is mine

Victory is mine

Victory today is mine

I told satan

Get thee behind

Victory today is mine!

We have been learning a lot about the love of Jesus on this leg of the trip. Love looks like a hug given to a new friend. Love looks like praying for someone. Love looks like giving a helping hand, whether that is serving food or serving in away that is unseen. It can look extravagant, but it can also be something that seems quite small --  but it’s not small in the eyes of Jesus. One of our members had a word that on this trip we would see how a small expression of love could undo so much of the mess the enemy has caused. This is something each one of us is learning while we are here in Jackson. In the words of one of one of our team members, “The Lord is bringing me love encounters with other people. He is teaching me how to love.” 

Love is mine

Love is mine

Love today is mine

I told satan

Get thee behind

Love today is mine!

Blog written by Lindsey Darnell. Video by Patrick Smith.

Team USA - Update #1

Team USA - Update #1

hello from the land of the free!

Two days in and we’re already amazed at the things God is doing in Jackson. We spent the first day praying for people and handing out clothes at a pavilion-Bible study. We got to encourage the weak and speak life into a city who’s fallen on hard times.  

After resting up from a great first day we spent the second day learning more about the history of We Will Go Ministries. It’s an incredible story of how God called the Lancasters to the missions field of Jackson, MS. We’ve heard stories of His miraculous provision and seen with our own eyes the buildings He’s provided. Go check out more about them at 

At the end of our second day, we got to play and minister to inner city kids and adults at The Fountain. A $1 donated YMCA (miracles, right!)  that’s been converted to an outreach center. There were bible studies, basketball, nail painting, and foosball. We saw God move on little kids hearts and bring peace and love to a people who do not yet know their identity in the Lord. The Lord is moving and we're thrilled to be a part of His work!

Blog written by Lee Bradshaw