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We Believe - Team Nashville

We Believe - Team Nashville

Those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins;
You will raise up the age-old foundations;
And you will be called the repairer of the breach,
The restorer of the streets in which to dwell.
— Isaiah 58:12

Music City Lights.  Sent out on a mission to rebuild ancient ruins & raise up age-old foundations of the beloved city of Nashville.  Living wells searching out and pouring into wells that are hungry for Jesus.  Finding people who long for more than their current situation.  God gave us a song in our hearts for the amazing city of Nashville and He showed up BIG in every moment.  We continued to team up this past week with The Foundry, One Stone and Family Affairs to pour into these deep living wells.  Wells that pour out water to quench the thirst of East and Downtown Nashville on a daily basis.  

Street evangelism on Saturday was a sweet collaboration of our team and The Foundry.  Singing songs, praying, and telling those God highlighted about who He is, was an amazing way to spend the day.  He sent us to people thirsty for Him, ready to listen and receive the good news.  Hearts rejoiced over the One sent to save them and offer Hope.  God sees.  He knows.  He cares. 

Sunday morning and Wednesday night was spent with One Stone Nashville.  An incredibly deep well, so thirsty for God and His Presence, and our team was given the privilege to have a time of prophetic ministry.  God highlighted lots of people to us and allowed us the opportunity to minister into their lives through an encouraging word and prayer.  One woman in particular God highlighted to us, was struggling with meaning in her life.  Did God really see her? Did He care about her current situation? Yes!  He cared so much about her, He had us call her out and offer encouragement to her; to speak life and declare HIS goodness over every circumstance she was struggling with.  She relayed to our team later that she had literally questioned God that morning and whether or not He saw her; she asked Him to "blow her mind when she went to church."  She came that morning empty and thirsty, but she left full and quenched; beaming from ear to ear with the biggest smile, confident that Father God had most definitely seen her and given her HOPE.  He. Is. So. Good.

Thursday night afforded us the privilege of serving the Meal of Hope again with The Foundry.  Matt and Jenna Hale did an incredible job lifting up worship with sweet praises to our Mighty God.  Mark Newton did an amazing job speaking about healing and God most definitely brought healing that night.  Barbie prayed for a woman who had previously gone through back and neck surgery, but continued to suffer with pain.  Our team witnessed her being set free from the pain and tension she was feeling!  One of the Foundry's staff prayed for a boy to receive Jesus and he most definitely did! Praise for the spiritual and physical healings!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were spent going door to door with the Family Affairs Staff, to every resident of one of their locations, offering a basket of gifts and a desire to pray with each resident.  Our team had an amazing time blessing the families at Berkshire.  We prayed over a woman's ankle and witnessed a miraculous healing.  We prayed for woman needing a job and received an update that she has an interview next week.  We connected with the kids again in the after school programs and blessed them with hugs and encouraging words!  God so loves this community and used our team this week to pour into them.  We ended the week hosting a Family Fun Day on Friday afternoon.  There were games, food, face painting and LOTS of smiles.  What a blessing it has been to sow into this amazing place. 

Two weeks have gone by way to fast, but the things we witnessed will be with us FOREVER. God has used some incredible prophets to declare the things He has for our amazing city and this outreach trip has been the beginning of those things coming to pass.  HE used our team to continue to repair the broken places and restore the streets where we dwell.  He gave us opportunities to see miraculous healings and uncover deep wells. HE chose our team purposefully and we RESTED in His plan, saying "Yes" to every opportunity to be His hands and feet. We don't just believe in the places that minister to this city, we BELIEVE in The Mighty God who over all and through all and in all.

Blog written by Charlotte Largen

Intent on One Purpose - Team Nashville

Intent on One Purpose - Team Nashville

Therefore if there is any encouragement in Christ, if there is any consolation of love, if there is any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and compassion, make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose.
— Phillippians 2:1-2

Intent on one purpose- Encouragement

That was the sole purpose God had for our team this week; and God is a good God who offered LOTS of opportunities for us to do just that.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were spent with Family Affairs and we were able to encourage and love both the staff and the families they minister to.  Monday and Tuesday morning we were given time to get to know the staff and minister to them through the encouragement of seeing the gold and calling it out.  Hearing God's heart for this sweet staff and loving on them through fellowship with the Spirit is one of the most joyful and encouraging things we got to experience.  

Encouraging the staff of Family Affairs

Monday and Tuesday afternoon, we were able to partner with the full and part time staff of Family Affairs to love on the kids in their after school program.  Full of energy and excitement, each one warmed up to us immediately and allowed us the opportunity to spend a couple of hours doing life with them.  Barbie Graham was even able to teach them a little about how to play tennis!  But no matter the activity, they long to be seen as the amazing little people that they are and we LOVED getting to speak life into them.  Faith also prayed for a little boy who had a headache and God healed him!  

Wednesday Night continued our time with Family Affairs through worship led by Matt and Jenna Hale, Faith Boyce and Liz Kendrick.  One of the kids there made the comment: "This is so much fun!" My. Thoughts. Exactly. Worship was full of life and joy as we sang and praised God together.  And Liz Kendrick delivered an incredible message on Heart of Stone and Inner Vows.  Our team afterwards spent time praying with and for people desiring to make an exchange with God- hardened hearts for pliable ones and freedom from things spoken over their lives. We saw burdens being lifted and hope restored.  We saw a woman with gallstone pain be healed and another with knee pain healed.  God is so good! 

Thursday night God sent us to the Foundry; an incredible place God is using to minister through "Creative Compassion" (art and music coupled with ministry).  Each week The Foundry opens her doors to any and all, to serve them a Meal of Hope.  Our team greeted each guest with a smile and a delicious dinner, cooked by The Foundry staff, while Liz Kendrick and Faith Boyce led worship. Carmen Nelson brought the "spiritual meal" through her message of Forgiveness.  Again, God used our team to pray with and for the people there that night.  One of the ladies we prayed over, struggled with depression; God used our prayers to bless her with peace and release from feeling overwhelmed.  She came empty and she left full!! 

But what is even more incredible than the meal they serve each week, is the food they send home with the people that come.  The staff continues the Meal of Hope by making to-go meals for each person and then passing out free groceries provided each week by one of the local grocery stores. I have never seen or felt so much joy in living out the statement Jesus made: "I was hungry and you fed me..."

Prophetic ministry for Foundry Staff.

Our joy was most definitely made complete through the opportunities God provided us to minister this week.  We ended Thursday, pouring into the Foundry staff and interns, through prophetic ministry.  Again, an incredible opportunity to hear the heart of God for each person and call out the gold!  What a blessing to be able to pour into the lives of people who so selflessly and JOYFULLY serve the least of these. 

Thank you for following our incredible journey and for your prayers!

Blog written by Charlotte Largen

 Uncovering Wells - Team Nashville

Uncovering Wells - Team Nashville

Then Isaac dug again the wells of water which had been dug in the days of his father Abraham...
— Genesis 26:18

To say that the first couple of days for outreach has been incredible, is an understatement.  Our first day was spent "uncovering wells" and praying for both Franklin and Nashville.  We went to specific areas in both cities that had previously seen incredible revival; areas that long to be unearthed and flow with the Presence of God yet again. 

We started at the Methodist Church in Franklin.  The place where Edward Bounds was compelled to return to and help rebuild spiritually.  We walked the same streets Bounds did, declaring the goodness of God and in turn began seeing reminders of that goodness in the everyday. Even our little ones went and their joy permeated the path. 

Our drive to Downtown Nashville continued our journey and once we arrived, the declarations continued.  God in His kindness, again showed us the incredible in the ordinary, and as we began to look, we noticed that the city is one surrounded by mountains. We saw angels sent to not only protect us on our journey over the next two weeks, but to protect the places we go.  And we saw excitement rise up in each of our hearts as God's Presence permeated the air. 

We made our way to the Ryman, named after Thomas Ryman, who longed for people to have a place to hear the gospel preached.  Our sweet Jenna Hale, received revelation that "Rye" is a crop grown for the protection and enrichment of the soil.  And we stood in awe realizing that God has literally been protecting and enriching the soil we were standing on, waiting for the sowers to come and not only continue to plant, but also for the reapers to harvest the crop that is ready.  This incredible building once used as a place to sow into the hearts of men, was prayed over by our team and anointed with not only the declaration of revival, but also with the oil of God's Presence.

Our second day was not only blessed, but a blessing.  We arrived in east Nashville at Family Affairs ready to worship with this incredible house of believers who love well and praise well. Our time together was spent being the true expression of Jesus and our team was given the amazing honor of praying with and for the members.  The Spirit moved in such a mighty way, that we were able to witness not only hearts being encouraged, but people being saved.

This week we will continue to team up with Family Affairs to bless their staff and the families they minister to.  Our prayer is that the wells uncovered this week spring forth such a revival, that the cities of Nashville and Franklin have a new song in their heart; one that turns them toward the ONE who wrote it. 

Blog written by: Charlotte Largen

Outreach 2016

Outreach 2016

What does Outreach look like for the School of Supernatural Life?


It looks like our students taking the LOVE that they have experienced and their lives which have been transformed in the last months, to churches and ministries around the world. They will be encouraging leaders and communities through teaching, ministry, prophecy and mostly just by being carriers of the goodness of a loving Father. It isn't as much about what they do, but who they are and who they bring with them. Trips this year range from 10-21 days and are in  5 countries (including 3 in the US).

Two-thirds of God’s name is GO...
— Lyle Phillips

71 students and leaders are now literally around the world and since God is not bound by time or space, we get to enter into the synergy of our body of students hugging the world with the kindness, love and mercy of Father God. They are in Iceland, South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia, Jackson, MS, Auburn, AL and right here in Nashville.

You can follow along on this blog to read more about their trips in the upcoming weeks and follow Instagram for more amazing pictures.