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Team Uganda - Update #5

Team Uganda - Update #5

Wrapping Up

To say that Africa has been an adventure would be an understatement. We have truly encountered the love of the father in an entirely new way. We have loved and been loved in return. 

Our last week in Uganda has been incredible. The phrase “save the best for last”, comes to mind. The week started on Monday with ministering to each individual member of the Royal hope staff.  We saw incredible breakthrough as we prophesied and loved on these amazing people. My favorite moment being when one of the teachers had her eyesight completely restored. God is good and He loves his children so well.

We have encountered His love in a new way. It has been a privilege to be His hands and feet. The last few days were spent at the school, loving on the faces of those we have come so accustom to holding. We will miss the many little Ugandans shouting for the Muzungus (Lugandan for white peeps) to come play with them. Our team has been loved so well by so many. We have a new understanding of what it means to welcome and to honor. 

Our last night went off with a bang, consisting of drums, dancing, and experiencing the culture of the Pearl of Africa. We ate, we danced, and we laughed. Our hearts are full as we depart from this great country. There could be no better send off. Uganda has changed us all and we feel as though we have gained a new family.  

Thank you Uganda for loving so well. 

Blog written by Judah Legge


Team Uganda  - Update #4

Team Uganda - Update #4

Greetings from Uganda! 

Last weekend, we held a conference for the staff of Royal Hope Academy. The team taught on topics such as Hearing God’s Voice, The Father Heart of God, Father Types, UGB’s, Forgiveness, and Prophetic Ministry. After learning to hear God’s voice, one of the staff members shared with Laura Beth that he felt like God was telling him that He wanted to teach him more about the Father heart of God and what intimacy with Him looks like. The very next day was the session that Laura Beth and Tiphani taught on the Father Heart of God! 

After teaching on prophetic ministry, Cary led the staff in a couple of activities to help activate them in the prophetic. During the very first round they were facing the wall prophesying and Jeanet, one of the ladies on staff, got the name of the person standing behind her! Watching their excitement grow as they practiced was priceless. They caught on immediately! Praise the Lord! After us ministering and prophesying over them, they began to prophecy over us! 

A couple of mornings at Royal Hope Academy were spent taking photos of sponsored children and helping them write letters to their sponsors. We spent Monday afternoon doing arts and crafts with all 400 kids at the school, teaching on identity and creativity. Paint, beads, paper crowns, and giddy smiles were everywhere! Our team has been so blessed by the staff and kids at Royal Hope Academy. They have taught us so much these past two weeks. We are excited to see what the rest of our time here in Uganda holds. 

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers! A little over half of our team have struggled with sickness in varying degrees the past week or so, but we are all feeling much better now – praise God! We’d appreciate your prayers as we continue to recover.

Blog written by Morgan Fite

Team Uganda - Update #3

Team Uganda - Update #3


There are several testimonies, experience and encounters from today. At first it seems difficult to compile them into one story, However, it's actually really simple. The one story is this, it's love. 

Though we  saw some incredible things today while ministering and doing what Jesus did, none of it was possible nor mattered if there wasn't love. Love is the expectation. Love is the drive. We are compelled by love. We go out as an act of faith through hope with love himself. That's what today was: an act of faith, through hope, with love. 

Our team headed out with a few of the staff from My Fathers House to do ministry in one of the slums in Kampala. When we got there we split into groups of two or three and partnered with one of the staff in order to have a translator. That in and of itself was an incredible blessing and honor. We all enjoyed getting to connect with the staff today and look forward to many more sweet moments with them. 

Today we came face to face with brokenness and said "no." Instead, we chose to partner with truth and say "yes" to Jesus. As a team we saw a lame leg become whole, a headache leave, depression be broken off, a life given to the Lord and then filled with the Holy Spirit. We layed hands on the sick and watched them recover, saw hope arise and dreams come to pass. We prophesied into people's lives and believed and hoped for their best because we know who OUR Father is. We hugged, held and kissed people of all ages. There were moments when we didn't go up to anyone because people were coming to us for prayer. We were astonished at the hunger that these people had for wholeness. 

Granted there were also many times that we prayed and nothing seemed to happen in that moment. But rather than it bringing disappointment, it built faith. It caused us to lean even more into Jesus, the great physician. Today was a treat. The Father is so kind. Sure there's been several overwhelming and contradicting emotions due to injustices and feeling like we can't do anything, yet Jesus has been so good to us. He's taking us into deeper trust in Him and allowing us to partner with Him and ultimately connect with His heart. 

So, I don't think many of us new what to expect today. We simply went in trusting and believing God is who He says He is.  He is faithful. He is good. He is love. Past all the dirt, differences and language barriers...we loved. 

Blog written by Laura Beth Hardin

Team Uganda - Update #2

Team Uganda - Update #2


For a majority of our trip we will be ministering at My Father’s House. Monday we visited for the first time and our hearts were deeply moved. From the moment we arrived we were wrecked with the honor, hospitality and love we received. As we walked up to the school the choir welcomed us by singing, “welcome to the Pearl of Africa.” As we walked inside, hundreds of faces greeted us with eager smiles and cheers. Many of us spent the morning in tears as we worshiped with our Ugandan brothers and sisters. The authenticity, passion and desperation that filled their worship was incredible. 

We were able to spend the afternoon playing with the children as well. Their smiles were so beautiful and laughter so joyous as we did relays and games.  We even shared Bible stories with some of the children.  

In the evening we were able to worship with the staff, and once again the desperation in which they worshiped touched our hearts.  The presence of the Holy Spirit was so real, so sweet, and so full of joy! We were able to give each staff member a prophetic word during this time as well.  It is an honor to serve with these people!  They are so hungry for the Father.  Truly inspiring! 

Our hearts have also been broken. All of the children longed for love and affection, many of them were sick. Children lined the outside of the school gates telling us how hungry they were, that they were very poor. Other children played in the garbage pile. Some of us had seen this before, others had not; but none of us had words to express everything we saw and experienced.

    We are so grateful for My Father's House and what they are able to do to with the children here.  We are blessed to serve along side them for the next couple of weeks!  If you are interested in learning more about My Father’s House or sponsoring a child more information is available at

For the rest of the week we will be doing ministry in the slums and preparing for a conference we will be doing at My Father’s House this weekend.  We look forward to updating you as our week unfolds. Thank you for your prayers!

Team Uganda - Update #1

Team Uganda - Update #1

Greetings from UGANDA!

Excitement brewed within all of us as the wheels of the airliner touched African soil. There were no missed flights and no lost luggage. The journey to Uganda was long, exhausting, but at the same time incredibly smooth.  After about 24 hours of travel time we finally walked off the plane from Amsterdam. The African air is so much warmer than the climate we have just left. Two kind faces awaited our arrival—Maggie and Excel, representatives from My Father's House, greeted us with warm smiles.

We purchased our visas, packed into our Volkswagen vans, and were off.  We drove through the city of Entebbe. The windows were rolled down exposing us to the smells and sounds of the Ugandan night. The smoky scent of wood fires and street food flooded the air. The sounds of the city surrounded us and only intensified our excitement.

          We arrived at our base around midnight. We are staying at a beautiful guesthouse in Busega, just outside of Kampala. The hospitality has been incredible! The Ugandans are so welcoming and kind. Finally we rested.

We woke up this morning with the air humid and filled harmonious sounds of celebration from a church down the road. Today has been a day of rest. We've worshiped, we’ve had community; we slept and are now ready for what lies ahead.

 Tomorrow we head to the school (The Royal Hope Academy) our hearts are filled with expectation for the goodness of God to be revealed. We are here to love and be loved.  So now we wait to see what tomorrow brings. Much love from Team Uganda!

Blog written by Judah Legge