Part of His Plot - Team Jackson

Part of His Plot - Team Jackson

A few days ago, Mrs. Amy Lancaster told us a story about the beginnings of her home. 

She told us about when We Will Go was just - "just" - a Word from Him. 

Just an idea. An invitation. And a misused plot of ground. 

She told us about the earliest groups - friends on volunteer day-trips - who came to pick up trash from the land her house stands on. 

The piece of land that the Lancaster family now calls home; the grassy square plot in the middle of Jackson - used to be a drug corridor. The place where bringing Life to Jackson started was (at that point) nothing but a drugs-traded and drugs-used property. 

All the Lancasters had was an invitation from God. "All" they had was a vision of what was coming. Of what could be. 

An invitation of how they could live showing His love. 

She told us how their friends came just after their move - bringing groups to join in the mission. How they picked up glass and trash; cleaning up the garbage from things that had been used to deteriorate lives. She told us about the kind willingness of many friends to be part of the mission - even though sometimes they didn't see the vision. 

But, my favorite thing she told us about that plot of land, and about their friends gathering around to help them walk out their mission is this: 

The first times, their friends didn't want to pick up glass and trash. (If we're being real, who really does?) She told us that a lot of times, their friends didn't see the value in removing the trash, because they hadn't recognized yet what the Lancasters saw. 

They didn't see the importance of clearing out trash, but Amy did. She saw it - not as a Saturday improvement project - but as preparing the ground. 

She told them, as she handed them the bucket for collecting garbage "we're going to plant a garden here". On the plot of land that didn't even grow grass at the time. 

At that point, it couldn't grow anything. It had been too misused. Abandoned too long. Trashed beyond recognition of its true potential. 

It's beauty was unrecognizable to most people. 

But Amy and David saw it. 

They heard the Lord's heart, and created space for the gold. 

And, as she told us in that same conversation, when we sat on the grassy plot, and she pointed to the garden, "we have never, not had enough food. Every time someone asks to pick, there are more peas - even if they've just been picked the day before." 

What beauty. Not only that He is physically providing for the neighbors of Jackson, but that - in the same way - He shares His vision for us, and invites us to be part of preparing the ground, and building His vision; of becoming who He sees we can be. 

And the truest beauty is, I am that plot - and so are you. That part of His plot. Where nothing should grow, because of my misuse of what He's given me. But He has picked out and thrown away all of the broken pieces of things I've wasted - one by one - and now I'm the site of what He's planting, and He's cultivating on that same ground what will nourish me (and others!) back to Life. 

Blog by Morgan Presley 

Stopping a Moving Truck - Team Auburn

Stopping a Moving Truck - Team Auburn

Team War Eagle has been having a blast here in the great state of Alabama! The most important lesson I learned this week is that if someone says “War eagle” to you, the proper response is “War eagle.” Those words felt very strange coming out of my mouth the first time I said it, but I’m trying to be like Paul and become all things to all men.

Most of our time this week has been spent on Auburn University’s campus. Each day, we set up a table on one of the main concourses and asked the Lord to lead us as we connected with the students. We did treasure hunts where we delivered encouraging words and paintings to students that God highlighted and spread the joy of the Lord by giving away Starbursts. Miss Karen was an absolute champion while we were on campus. She wrote encouraging word after word for students with complete boldness. For one of her words, she heard God tell her to encourage someone in a truck. Even though we were on a road where we had only seen pedestrians and golf carts, a maintenance truck started driving down just a few minutes later. So Karen ran over and stopped the whole truck! She proceeded to deliver an encouraging word to the driver to which he responded, “Praise Jesus!”

Some other highlights of the week were holding personal ministry sessions focused on inner healing, delivering messages on the Father Heart, Forgiveness, and UGBs, and spending about four hours prophesying over members of the congregation and the community. We had a blast swapping stories of delivering words of knowledge and watching people find freedom from the cycle of fear, shame, and control.

God is good! We’re super excited to see what He will do the rest of the week. On Saturday, we’ll be running a creative arts and dance workshop for about 20 kids from age 4-12. On Sunday, we’ll be prophesying over the church and sharing testimonies of all the amazing things that’s happened throughout the week. Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue filling our hearts with passion and boldness. Pray for the chains of fear, shame, and control to be broken off the members of The Oaks church. And pray for Betsy as she turns 24 on Friday! Love you all. War eagle.

Blog written by Brennen Finchu

Awe and Wonder: Team Iceland

Awe and Wonder: Team Iceland

Our time in Iceland seems to get better and better with each passing day. I’ve found myself saying at the end of each day “this has been the best day ever.” I’m surprised at how each day there’s something new that either causes laughter within me, silence due to awe and wonder, tears of joy or even tears of compassion. God has been doing an intimate and very real work within our hearts. Our team is constantly being moved not only by the creation that surrounds this country, but also by the testimonies of its people. 

    During church on Sunday Mel and I (Cindy) had an opportunity to pray for a little 2 year old boy who had been life flighted from a small town to a hospital in the city after falling down a flight of stairs and hitting his head. I, of course, did a quick neurological exam while praying for healing and peace. Then, Mel and I were able to walk the mother through a prayer of forgiveness for the grandfather for not being there to protect and keep him safe, since he was watching the boy. We also walked her through forgiveness for the doctors for not doing a CT or MRI of his head to make sure he didn't have a bleed in his head. It was SO powerful! But it didn’t stop there. After church we saw the boy and his parents out at a restaurant and he was completely fine and back to his normal self. So it was encouraging not only to see a physical healing but healing within their hearts as well. 

    Tuesday we had the honor of being invited to Barbara's birthday party. Barbara is one of the pastors at Catch The Fire Reykjavik, the church that is hosting us while we are here. We had such a fun time continuing to build upon friendships and even meet new people. Towards the end of the party we were able to pray and prophecy over her as a birthday gift. After encouraging Barbara we prayed and blessed her. This was incredibly moving and an honor for all of us to witness and be a part of.

    One of the most incredible experiences we've had as team thus far outside of ministry was getting to see the Northern Lights. There’s really no words to describe what we experienced that night. It’s hard to put words to an experience that left us speechless…in awe and wonder at the majesty of the magnificent creator. We came face to face yet again with the reality of God’s beauty. 

Here's a quote from one of our team members, Jessie Risman, that pretty much sums up the late night adventure.

"Tonight I saw the northern lights dance across the midnight sky. I screamed. I squealed. I sobbed. It was the most captivating display of Gods creativity, kindness, intentionality and love and easily the most magical experience of my life. We are the wild lights that dance through darkness painting a picture of the fathers love."


Pray for us as we begin an Encounter Retreat at church tonight for the next 3 days. It’ll be a weekend focused on the healing of the heart. We couldn’t be more excited because we’ve already seen so much hunger in the people. They’re so open to the Lord and ready for more of Him. We are believing for deep encounters with the love of the Father as the Holy Spirit comes and administers healing to their hearts. 

Blog written by Laura Beth Harbin and Cindy Grecu 

Miracles, Adventure, the Local Church: South Africa So Far

Miracles, Adventure, the Local Church: South Africa So Far

Greetings from beautiful South Africa!  After a lengthy flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg, a miraculous luggage recovery, an overnight layover, and a final leg to Kruger, we drove to Michael’s Children Village in White River, South Africa, which will serve as our home base for the next three weeks.  As soon as we landed we hit the ground running, and the last four days have already been full of amazing experiences and adventure.  Our outreach here in South Africa really revolves around Michael’s Children Village and the weekly ministries that they conduct in White River, the Backdoor community, and Nelspruit.  What we have done so far is jump right into the stream of service that the local pastors and missionaries, including Pastor Surprise and Jean and Teisa Miller, are pouring out into the surrounding communities.  Here is a brief rundown of what has happened so far, how we are doing, and prayer needs and opportunities.

Wow.  That’s the word I keep hearing my teammates say, and it is really the best word to describe this beautiful place and wonderful people.  The two local churches that we will be attending and serving with are the Backdoor Church and Iris Revival, both of which were planted and are pastored by Pastor Surprise, and on Sunday, March 5, we had the privilege of worshiping with each congregation.  That morning, while the rest of the team were at Backdoor Church, Brian and Katie Hess had the opportunity to attend a local bush church in Barberton, and Katie was asked to speak on the message of the Father Heart of God!  After the service Jean brought Brian and Katie to a nearby house to pray for the healing of a mother who was suffering from terrible headaches and pain in her feet.  While they were there they also prayed for an older woman who had been practicing witchcraft, and after praying for both ladies, the mother and older woman were totally healed and delivered!

Backdoor church

Backdoor church

Yesterday five of us went to a local hospital to pray for patients and the rest stayed here at M.C.V. to do children’s ministry.  We saw a bunch of people get healed at the hospital!  One sweet lady whose headaches completely went away after we prayed for her, was certain that we had some kind of magic, but my favorite part was to tell her (and each person) that Jesus loves her and that He sent us here to tell her that he knows her and wants relationship with her.  The Lord is so faithful and kind! We are thrilled to be here and to be apart of what the Holy Spirit is doing, and we are growing closer through prayer and worship.

As we continue to serve, we are asking prayer for strength to get over the last bits of jetlag and overall wellness.  Pray also for revival and signs and wonders as we will be holding revival services this coming weekend.  Thank you for your prayers and support!

Blog written by Phillip Wennerstrom

Surfing the Lord - Team Australia

Surfing the Lord - Team Australia

Team AUSSOME has arrived! After a testing 24 hours of travel, we landed five days ago. I took the first opportunity to put my feet in the Tasman Sea (part of the South Pacific). So far it feels as if we died and went to paradise.

Time anomalies

A curious oddity of the travel is we will never experience Friday, 4th March. It’s just gone. The timezone shift wiped it from existence. Taken together with wandering beautiful beaches, Aussie accents and the weird time zone anomaly, it feels as if we’re living in our very own episode of Lost.

What’s happening

Since we landed five days ago at Sydney, we travelled south to Nowra. We’re based here until Friday, then we fly to Melbourne for the remainder of the trip. So far we’ve spent time connecting with churches and speaking about the father’s heart. One church we visited was on the edge of the beach. We can learn so much from them… Church. On a beach. Heaven. On. Earth.

In fact, this morning we surfed the Lord at another beach. We’ll be sharing on honour later with the a local youth ministry, and tomorrow we’ll be working with a homeless ministry. Some of our other plans are to launch a short school, further outreaches to different communities, as well as sharing what we’ve been learning with local churches, more youth ministries and schools.

Salt Ministries

I want to mention Peter and Meg Dover, pastors of Salt Ministries in Nowra, to you. They have tirelessly served us and enabled us to do everything here. They opened up their church, their home, they fed us, they taught how to surf and they’ve shown us what it looks like to be full of character and grace. These two have paid a huge price to be where they are today and we feel so privileged to spend our time with them. I’m hard pressed to think of two kinder, more down-to-earth people.

Team leading worship at church in Nowra.

Revealing the father

One quick testimony. On Sunday, one of our team, Kerri, spoke on the father’s heart. During the ministry time we forgave our earthly fathers for how they fell short of revealing our heavenly father. Afterwards, Kerri spoke with a girl of about ten years, and her step father. It transpired that Julie’s [not her real name] biological father was abusive, threatening her and her family through early childhood. Later a family friend filled in some of the gaps. Not only was her father abusive, but he took his life in front of Julie. After a hellish childhood and a life through the foster care system, Julie had known very little of what a good father looks like. She chose to forgive her dad, and after some prayer she experienced something she’d not felt before: freedom from her pain and trauma. She said she felt a lot better now, actually happy now — a far cry from how she experienced life before.

Follow the adventure

Follow our photos on Instagram with #teamAUSSOME and keep your eyes posted on our school blog for more updates from our team. You can pray for us that the father’s love would be powerfully poured out through our time here. Nothing would be better.

Blog written by Will Law

New Neighbors- Team Jackson

New Neighbors- Team Jackson

It's curious, isn't it - that of all the world-changing things that Jesus; God in skin-clothes, did - He classified them ALL as second to this: "love your neighbor as yourself". 

Honestly, I've never really been a fan of that answer Jesus gave. For most of my life, I've identified more with the cheeky guy who asked the original question "what do I really need to do to have eternal life" than I have with Jesus' ability to live the answer. [Luke 10.29] 

Something about that invitation just didn't sit well in my heart. (Now that the old me is learning how to die to the Real Me, I'm starting to see that it's because I didn't see myself as worthy of value; worth His love. It's kind of hard to love your neighbor as yourself if you own a lifestyle in which you don't even like yourself. Just sayin'...from experience). 

So, why does this matter? 

Well - the language; and, much more importantly, the style of living here is definitively designed around this decision: to choose to love messy, human, neighbors. 

In EVERY minute. 

For our team, choosing that love in the past few days has looked like all kinds of things. 

It's looked like helping three precious ladies relocate to homes on base (packing and loading and unloading and arranging missionary furniture - and, most importantly, hearing those missional hearts). 

Some days, it's looked like tutoring children, or even just sitting (or dancing) on some old carpet on Farish St; playing simple games, and speaking anything-but-simple value into the rising generation of Jackson. 

Sometimes, it looks like our team rallying around the precious people who have chosen to live in this city - praying for and encouraging these brave front-most of front-lines souls. 

Sometimes it's kind of glamorous; like sipping delicious, first-world coffee from the storefront that We Will Go opened on one of the most notably raunchy streets in Jackson - where neighbors can gather safely. 

Sometimes it's the kind of glamorous where we get to share what we're learning how to live with members of the long-term missionary team; when all of us hang out to eat pizza and practice hearing our sweet Dad's voice while laughing our way through prophetic activations - or crying through our journaling questions. 


And sometimes, in Jackson - loving our neighbors means waking up early to walk through this city, to wait in a food line, to eat a hot dog a local ministry served my table full of neighbors at 8:30 in the morning. 

WHATEVER it is; whatever form, or location, or verbal or non-verbal response it has come through - We Will Go is giving us feet-on-the-ground training for this thing that defines so much of our Father's heart, and we are learning how to choose showing Love to our neighbors. 

To show our neighbors that Love has a name - and that He knows and values the name of each of His children. 

Personally, I couldn't have loved like this before school - because I didn't really know Love. I didn't know His value of me, so communicating His value of His other sweet kids was really, really hard. 

Actually, it felt impossible. 

And honestly, it still feels hard. 

And, honestly, I hate hot dogs. That was the first one I'd eaten in so many years I've lost count. 

But, even though my stomach turned a little at the thought of bringing that first bite to my mouth - it ached much more at the realization that these precious, PRECIOUS siblings of mine - my Neighbors - were delighted to have walked to a safe place for that full meal at 8:30 am. 

They were honored by the known-by-name that came with those plates of plain-plus-a-ketchup-packet hot dogs. 

And I was thrilled to be invited to sit at their table and eat. (But not nearly as excited as I am for the day that we're all sitting together at our Dad's table, where He's saved each of us a place. Where we'll know each other - not in the partiality of whichever chapters of our stories we're currently living, but in the fullness of who He sees we are. Where none of His children - none of my neighbors - will ever be hungry, or lost, or strung out, or broke or heartbroken, or empty or used ever again.) 

Now I'm actively asking - less like the cheeky guy from the story, and more like one who is looking for the faces from my Father's heart "who is my neighbor?" 

The team at We Will Go has welcomed every person in this often-forgotten city, calling each of them "neighbor", and living what Jesus calls eternal Life on this city's streets. 

So, I guess what I'm asking myself (and what I'm offering you to consider) is this: who will I make room in my heart for? 

Because honestly, it doesn't matter what it looks like. If it's glamorous or filthy; if it's well-marketed or tightly-scheduled or a string of spontaneous displays. It matters that we CHOOSE to share Love. Because each one of our Neighbors is one of His favorites. And His heart-dream is to SHOW them His love. 

Through us. 

Blog written by Morgan Presley.

Spirit Cafe -Team UK

Spirit Cafe -Team UK

Team “fishers of men and chips” is settled in and on the move. Our hosts from Bethshan church have been incredibly welcoming providing us with proper English tea’s, incredible housing, and wonderful opportunities to minister in Sunderland. 

This weekend our team was able to be a part of the church’s new ministry, “Spirit Café”. This ministry reaches out to those who would typically seek spiritual counsel from mediums, witches, and sidekicks. The people of Sunderland are hungry for the Supernatural, but aren’t always going to the right resources. At spirit café, they open up a room in their building that serves coffee and tea, and offer them a menu with different treatments to choose from. For example, things like spiritual readings (prophetic words), dream interpretation, peace treatments, or physical healings are some of the main options. These are all code words for asking Holy Spirit to reveal His love for them! 

Some of our team was able to sit and build relationship with them while they waited for their treatments, while other team members were behind the scenes praying in the House of prayer for the people who would come. Their prophetic intercession paved the way for the evening. Many came through for different treatments receiving prophetic words, while others were healed physically. One person even left the café with Jesus in His heart! 

There will be another spirit café in a few weeks that we are excited to partner with again. The excitement and unity of the team is growing, and we can’t wait for what God has in store for the rest of outreach. Be sure to stay connected with our team through prayer, and reading our weekly blog posts to hear more amazing testimonies!

Blog written by Emily Phillips  

Some Southern Hospitality - Team Auburn

Some Southern Hospitality - Team Auburn

host home.jpeg

We arrived here in Opelika, Alabama on Friday afternoon and were greeted by some of the best hospitality I’ve ever experienced. Josh and Ginger Hallmark as well as other from the leadership team of The Oaks Church, greeted us with dinner, fellowship, and a beautiful home to stay in with lots of space, a beautiful view, and even some chickens!

We spent Saturday working with The Exodus Ranch, run by Joe and Shelley Tufts, which is a non-profit that works to take in children who need a safe home where they are loved back to life. We had the honor of helping this ministry practically by cleaning and doing other odds and ends on their new property to help them get move in ready! 

Sunday we had the privilege of prophesying over about 30 groups of people before church, where we saw God do incredible things with amazing revelation and hearts being touched by His love in ways they hadn’t been before! Later that evening, Ellen did an amazing job at giving a teaching on the prophetic and the entire church was activated to prophesy! Each person (including most of the kids and teens!) there ended up giving over 20 prophetic words once the night was over through prophetic games! It was so wonderful to see people come to the realization that they could hear God’s voice, and that God wants to talk to each one of them.  This congregation is SO incredibly hungry and we’re really excited to see what else God has for this church as we continue ministering and teaching throughout the week.

Please be praying for our team as we continue this week. We’ll be on Auburn University’s campus with a ministry booth praying, prophesying, and doing whatever else God wants to do! Please pray for favor, open hearts and ears, and that there will be a hunger in the students! Also, we’ll be doing some teaching on Wednesday night at The Oaks Church on heart healing, so you can pray for the hearts to be prepared ahead of time by the Holy Spirit to receive this teaching!

Blog written by Betsy Finchum

 Uncovering Wells - Team Nashville

Uncovering Wells - Team Nashville

Then Isaac dug again the wells of water which had been dug in the days of his father Abraham...
— Genesis 26:18

To say that the first couple of days for outreach has been incredible, is an understatement.  Our first day was spent "uncovering wells" and praying for both Franklin and Nashville.  We went to specific areas in both cities that had previously seen incredible revival; areas that long to be unearthed and flow with the Presence of God yet again. 

We started at the Methodist Church in Franklin.  The place where Edward Bounds was compelled to return to and help rebuild spiritually.  We walked the same streets Bounds did, declaring the goodness of God and in turn began seeing reminders of that goodness in the everyday. Even our little ones went and their joy permeated the path. 

Our drive to Downtown Nashville continued our journey and once we arrived, the declarations continued.  God in His kindness, again showed us the incredible in the ordinary, and as we began to look, we noticed that the city is one surrounded by mountains. We saw angels sent to not only protect us on our journey over the next two weeks, but to protect the places we go.  And we saw excitement rise up in each of our hearts as God's Presence permeated the air. 

We made our way to the Ryman, named after Thomas Ryman, who longed for people to have a place to hear the gospel preached.  Our sweet Jenna Hale, received revelation that "Rye" is a crop grown for the protection and enrichment of the soil.  And we stood in awe realizing that God has literally been protecting and enriching the soil we were standing on, waiting for the sowers to come and not only continue to plant, but also for the reapers to harvest the crop that is ready.  This incredible building once used as a place to sow into the hearts of men, was prayed over by our team and anointed with not only the declaration of revival, but also with the oil of God's Presence.

Our second day was not only blessed, but a blessing.  We arrived in east Nashville at Family Affairs ready to worship with this incredible house of believers who love well and praise well. Our time together was spent being the true expression of Jesus and our team was given the amazing honor of praying with and for the members.  The Spirit moved in such a mighty way, that we were able to witness not only hearts being encouraged, but people being saved.

This week we will continue to team up with Family Affairs to bless their staff and the families they minister to.  Our prayer is that the wells uncovered this week spring forth such a revival, that the cities of Nashville and Franklin have a new song in their heart; one that turns them toward the ONE who wrote it. 

Blog written by: Charlotte Largen

Cultures Collide- Team Iceland

Cultures Collide- Team Iceland

Good morning from Iceland!! It’s Sunday morning here and we are getting ready to head out to church. Everything starts a little later here, including church, which is just fine with most of us. This morning we have the opportunity to do prophetic ministry before church and then Mel will be speaking on the Father Heart of God. 

    Just to recap the past three days, we left Nashville Thursday and arrived in Iceland bright and early Friday morning. After arriving, we headed to downtown Reykjavik to eat brunch and acclimate to the time change (however some of us are still working on that part). We did our best to stay awake through the rest of the day. However, Cindy was by far the most unsuccessful because she was falling asleep almost everywhere we landed. (haha) That evening some of us went to a worship night at the church and while we were there we had the opportunity to pray and worship with them. Mateo even had the honor of sharing part of his story that ministered straight to the heart of the people.

    Saturday we slept in and spent most of the day exploring downtown Reykjavik. We went to a beautiful, famous church named Hallgrímskirkja and then proceeded to walk to the coast of the North Atlantic Ocean…wind shield factor in full effect as we were all frozen. Walking downtown never seems to get old as the architecture is intricate and beautiful. There’s also a coffee shop just two blocks from us that is a major highlight and blessing for most of our team. Thank you Te and Kaffi.

Part of the team by the icy water!

Part of the team by the icy water!

    Last night we went to a leaders meeting where we worshipped, ate pizza, prayed and ministered. While we ate pizza we were able to begin to build relationships and create community. It’s truly been a joy and honor to get to know the Icelandic people. We have been welcomed so well and treated with such kindness. Mateo and I got to meet this beautiful couple and at the end of our conversation we were able to prophecy and pray over them and their marriage. To our shock they took our hands and it became a beautiful moment as cultures collided with our hands intertwined and hearts as one in Christ. Last night felt like the launching pad of something unique that the Lord has allowed us to be a part of here in Iceland and with this church. 

    Afterwards, we went for ice cream. We got slightly lost in translation as some of us accidentally ordered a whole liter of ice cream. Our friends thought it quite hilarious. We are excited to continue to build relationships and do normal life here with our new friends and family. 

    Thank you for keeping up with our journey! Please continue to pray for us as we share, teach, pray, minister and simply do life with people. The people here are so hungry for more of the Lord and it feels like an exciting time to be here. We are so thankful and undone by all the Lord has already done, not to mention the beautiful landscape that surrounds us! 

Blog written by Laura Beth Harbin

Outreach 2016

Outreach 2016

What does Outreach look like for the School of Supernatural Life?


It looks like our students taking the LOVE that they have experienced and their lives which have been transformed in the last months, to churches and ministries around the world. They will be encouraging leaders and communities through teaching, ministry, prophecy and mostly just by being carriers of the goodness of a loving Father. It isn't as much about what they do, but who they are and who they bring with them. Trips this year range from 10-21 days and are in  5 countries (including 3 in the US).

Two-thirds of God’s name is GO...
— Lyle Phillips

71 students and leaders are now literally around the world and since God is not bound by time or space, we get to enter into the synergy of our body of students hugging the world with the kindness, love and mercy of Father God. They are in Iceland, South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia, Jackson, MS, Auburn, AL and right here in Nashville.

You can follow along on this blog to read more about their trips in the upcoming weeks and follow Instagram for more amazing pictures.


Team Uganda - Update #5

Team Uganda - Update #5

Wrapping Up

To say that Africa has been an adventure would be an understatement. We have truly encountered the love of the father in an entirely new way. We have loved and been loved in return. 

Our last week in Uganda has been incredible. The phrase “save the best for last”, comes to mind. The week started on Monday with ministering to each individual member of the Royal hope staff.  We saw incredible breakthrough as we prophesied and loved on these amazing people. My favorite moment being when one of the teachers had her eyesight completely restored. God is good and He loves his children so well.

We have encountered His love in a new way. It has been a privilege to be His hands and feet. The last few days were spent at the school, loving on the faces of those we have come so accustom to holding. We will miss the many little Ugandans shouting for the Muzungus (Lugandan for white peeps) to come play with them. Our team has been loved so well by so many. We have a new understanding of what it means to welcome and to honor. 

Our last night went off with a bang, consisting of drums, dancing, and experiencing the culture of the Pearl of Africa. We ate, we danced, and we laughed. Our hearts are full as we depart from this great country. There could be no better send off. Uganda has changed us all and we feel as though we have gained a new family.  

Thank you Uganda for loving so well. 

Blog written by Judah Legge


Team USA - Update #7

Team USA - Update #7

We are home! 

Our final days in St. Simons were filled with God encounters. Patrick Smith and Mike Mandel prayed for a gentlemen at a Red Box and he got saved! On Monday, the ladies got to be part of North Island Church’s women’s bible study. The ladies got the opportunity to honor one another.      

On Tuesday night we got to go to Mac and Allison's house (the Pastors) where we closed off our visit by discussing all the Lord had done while we were with them. They we’re excited for the seeds that were planted and grateful for us coming.  

From Jackson, MS to St. Simons Island, we have done what we set out to do. 

Lives were changed, the Kingdom was advanced, and people encountered the Father’s Love. 

Blog written by Lee Bradshaw

Team Nashville - Update #4

Team Nashville - Update #4

That's a wrap!


Our outreach has come to a bittersweet end this weekend. 

We spent Saturday with the Foundry doing supernatural evangelism downtown. We split up into groups of three or four, where half of the crew did “treasure hunting” and the other half went out with instruments to minister to people with prophetic song. With as many people as we had, it’s safe to say we covered just about every street downtown and got the privilege to witness amazing heart changes, healings, and love encounters. This ministry not only affected the random citizens of Nashville, but it touched the hearts of many on our team. Some of us felt new passions awakening on the inside of us from the joy in this ministry.


We saw hope restored, joy returned, and even healings within our own Team Home Plate! We then returned to the Foundry for a final get together/ cookout with all the wonderful staff and interns for the rest of the evening. We had a nice time of fellowship, volleyball, and stuffing our faces. Afterwards, a few of us went over to the famous soda parlor across the street and enjoyed some sodas and floats. Sunday afternoon we met for our final debrief after church at Burger Up to chat and process our experiences over our life-changing trip.

These past few weeks have been eye-opening and refreshing to see all the amazing things happening here in our home town. We’ve seen all kinds of miracles- from physical healing (a major theme of healing was backs and ankles/feet), to seeing driven homeless men find favor in getting a job only God could have provided. We feel absolutely honored and humbled to have been part of the prophesied “transformation in our city.” Great things are happening and even greater things are to come here in Nashville!

Blog written by Faith Boyce

Team USA - Update #6

The Goodness of God   

 During our stay in St. Simon’s Island, one of the members of the church at which we were ministering invited us to come and minister at his workplace. The man who asked us to join him at work is a high school English teacher. He welcomed us into his Bible as Literature senior class. We were given the incredible opportunity to do apologetics with the Bible Lit class for three days. We attested to the goodness of God and tried to handle some difficult questions. After the one of the classes, a few students stayed late and we prayed for physical healing. Alaina received a word of knowledge earlier in the day about some whose legs were mismatched in length. Two of the girls who stayed after class actually had uneven legs! We prayed and one of them was healed as we watched her leg grow out. She said that she felt her posture had shifted and her shoulders balanced after we prayed. After the last session, we stayed around and chatted with the teacher for a few minutes. The bell rang for the next class, a World Lit class, and we decided that we felt grace to stay and continue to minister. The tone of our visit changed as we recognized the presence of the Lord and the grace to prophecy. We then continued the apologetics with a question-answer format which ended with prophetic ministry for each inquirer. The questions soon faded as we began the hear requests like, “Tell me about myself,” and “Tell me about my past.” We then went into pure prophetic ministry and ended the class with a time of laying hands on a few of the students. We were blown away that Jesus would open a door for us to be His witnesses in a public school!

Blog written by Patrick Smith

Team Scotland - Update #4

Team Scotland - Update #4

The Prayer Space

We have loved our time in Aberdeen, our third and final destination in Scotland. Here we have partnered with Sheddocksley Baptist Church, which has shown us the same warmth and kindness we’ve encountered all over Scotland. Our time here has been busy and fruitful, and we have lots of exciting testimonies to share. Sheddocksley has great relationships with some of the staff and administration at Northfield Academy, a local secondary school. As a result, they’ve encountered incredible favor in the school. For the past four years, they have run a prayer space for the students as part of the school’s religious education. This year, we had the honor of helping set up and run Northfield Academy’s prayer space alongside Sheddocksley staff, and it was hands down one of the highlights of our trip.

The prayer space provides an environment where students can come and learn about, explore, and practice praying. We were amazed that something like this would be allowed to take place in a public school, and that church leaders would be invited in to share openly about their Christian faith! Students came into the prayer space one class at a time, heard a brief introduction, and then explored ten different prayer zones. Most of these kids have never stepped foot in a church. During the introduction, they learned that prayer doesn’t have to look like kneeling, bowing their head, and folding their hands, but that prayer can take the form of words, a picture, a conversation with God, a feeling of grief or loss, a simple “thank you” or “I’m sorry”, and much more. We shared that God doesn’t just listen, but he also talks to us, and that if we listen, we can hear what he is saying to us and about us – and that it is always positive, encouraging, and comforting.

Our team ran three of the prayer zones. At the “God’s Good Words” zone, two of us prophesied together over one child at a time, asking God what he wanted to say to them, and then sharing it. Kids were amazed to hear things that were true about their personality, character, and dreams and to think that God might actually see them, know them, and have positive things to say about them. As we shared his heart of kindness, love, and affection toward them, it was obvious that their hearts were melting. Many left with smiles that weren’t there before, heads held higher, and more confidence in their step. Where self-hatred and discouragement was, love and hope seeped in, unknowingly invading their heart and planting seeds of freedom and life.

At the “Picture Gift” zone, some of our team did the exact same thing through art. Each student who sat down was drawn a prophetic picture and given a word that explained the drawing. The students were amazed by the accuracy in these drawings. Madeline drew a pair of ballet slippers for a girl, who later shared that she not only used to be a dancer, but a ballerina! Prophetic art was stretching for a lot of us, but everyone who stepped out in boldness by picking up a marker was given a spot on word for students who walked away totally encouraged. At the God’s Good Word’s zone, we constantly had wide-eyed kids share their prophetic pictures with us in amazement when we gave them similar or the exact same words. This was by far the most popular zone. The kids were all so proud of their pictures, signs that God knew them, loved them, and was wholeheartedly for them. The best part was that they got to take them home as a constant reminder of those truths.

Our last zone was “Listening to God.” At this station, we had the honor of teaching secondary school students how to hear God’s voice, and it was absolutely amazing! We had bean bags set up in a relaxing atmosphere with paper and pens and the four keys to hearing God’s voice displayed on the wall. Someone was stationed there to walk the kids through the keys (quiet yourself down, fix your eyes on Jesus, go with the flow, and write it down) and to make sure they understood that the positive voice that was far kinder than their usual thoughts was God’s, while the negative voice that often liked to criticize was their own. We had them ask God questions like, what is your favorite thing about me? How much do you love me? What do you see when you look at me? Most of the students took this station really seriously, taking the time to quiet themselves down and focus on God, really positioning themselves to hear what he might have to say to them – and they totally heard his voice! Many of them wrote down amazing things about themselves and about how much God loves them, which they also got to take home with them. We reminded them that they could talk to God like this and hear what he has to say anytime they want by practicing these four keys.

Our team was blown away by the possibility of sharing God with students in a public school, but it was so much more than that. We were able to teach students how to hear God’s voice for themselves, empowering them to access his constant, close voice of encouragement and love. There was so much curiosity and wonder in the room. Some of the kids eagerly asked questions about how we were hearing God’s voice, wanting us to break down the process for them so they could try it themselves, but even those who weren’t as engaged left lighter and brighter than how they walked in. They encountered something life-giving in that atmosphere of peace, even if they weren’t quite sure what it was, and countless seeds were planted in their hearts through encouraging words and pictures. What an honor and joy it was to partner with God in speaking life over his kids!

Blog written by Jessie Risman

Team USA - Update #5

Team USA - Update #5

St. Simon's Island/North Island Church

Our time on the Island has been exemplified, I believe, by a rhythm between "doing" and rest. Here are some highlights from this week:

On Monday night (3/23) the team women attended SOS, a ministry for young married/soon to married women.  We prophesied over each woman individually.  It was a blast to flow with one another and to see the words of encouragement hit the mark time and time again.  

Tuesday, 3/24:

In the morning most of the women attended a ladies study taught by Alyson Tucker, the pastor's wife. The women were finishing up a study that Alyson has been teaching on The Prayer of Petition.  Several women gave testimonies of how the teaching had impacted them. The team then spent the next hour or so praying over, encouraging and getting to know the women.

Concurrently, the team men plus Marakia and Alaina had the privilege of sharing in the classroom of Scott Infante. Scott is a member of North Island Church and teaches Biblical Literature and World Literature in the public school system. His class is made up of about half believers, half unbelievers. The teamed shared with the class through a question and answer format, plus one member of the team shared a "before and after Jesus" testimony. What a remarkable opportunity.

On Tuesday evenings the church has separate Bible studies for men and women.  Janie Levin (for the ladies) and Mike Mandel (for the men) taught on Ungodly Beliefs. Believe me, both of them knocked it out of the park!!!  Following the teaching, we prayed with each person there and continued to get to know these amazing men and women. Cool story...a husband and wife each received healing of a frozen shoulder.  Two different rooms, same God, same healing. Yay God !!!

Wednesday, 3/25:

Yay!!! Finally some sunshine. Though much of the day was spent indoors doing the following:

Emily, Alaina, Marakia and the men returned to the high school classroom where they were able to sow more seeds into the lives of these young men and women. They are returning again on Friday. [and just reported that today, Friday, they have stayed for a second class and are prophesying over students. Did I mention this is a public school?)

The rest of the team spent the morning in Brunswick at His Ministries. His Ministries is a daytime drop-in center that provides services for the homeless and those struggling with such things as addiction and prostitution. On this day there were only women in the center, but a team of men were headed out to take sandwiches to men on the street. The team got to pray with them before they left.The day our team was there Mary, herself fairly recently off the streets, gave a presentation on how to apply for a job. The team was so impressed.  There were many opportunities to visit with the women present and to offer prayer, encouragement and fellowship. 

That night we offered prophetic ministry at the church.  We had sign-up sheets that were almost completely filled up on Sunday.  That tells you something about the hunger and receptivity of these friends. With four teams and in two hours we prophesied over 40 people!!!  It was such an amazing time.  Such a privilege. So much life imparted. 

Thursday, 3/26:

Day off. Adventures in walking, beach time, hot tubs, marshlands, bike rides, dinner at Gnats, the day culminating in baby turtle rescue. Greenpeace got nothin' on us.

And then there was the matter of a small frog in the women's condo. That matter was also resolved peacefully for all involved.

Blog written by Sue Roth

Team USA - Update #4

Team USA - Update #4

After a restful Thursday, the team was back in full force on Friday.  Here's what we've been up to these last three days:

Friday, 3/27.

The team that was in Scott Infante's classroom on Tuesday and Wednesday returned for a third day. See next blog for a detailed report.

Friday night we joined with Scott and his wife, Jane, in an area of Brunswick, Georgia, where they have been building relationship and blessing the residents. They call this outreach "Pizza and Prayer."  We set out to visit many different apartments with pizzas and cokes. Many of the residents are "regulars" who they specifically try to visit, but there is enough pizza so that there is always opportunity to expand into new homes. Most of the people we met were very open to receiving prayer and the many kids greeted the team with great enthusiasm. 

Saturday, 3/28.

North Island Church sponsored a Father's Heart Workshop on Saturday. Teaching that day were: Bettye Stanley (Hearing God's Voice), Marakia Hughes (Forgiveness), Patrick Smith (Father Heart), and Alaina Williams (Father Types). They each did so well!!!  

Saturday evening we enjoyed a team dinner at Blue Water Cafe. Great time. And adding to the fun -- the cafe hostess and our waitress are both high school students who were part of the classroom ministry mentioned above. One is a believer, the other not yet. 

Sunday, 3/29.

Lindsey Darnell, Bettye Stanley and Emily Justice taught in the kid's church on the topic of "Hearing God's Voice." Each of the kids were able to hear something or receive an impression from the Lord. The rest of the team got to pretty much be "civilians" during the morning service...until the fire tunnel at the end of the service.   

Mac gave an awesome message on the Peace of God. So much truth. So much encouragement. At the end of the service, the team formed a Fire Tunnel and we were able to bless, pray, prophesy, encourage each one who came through. They then turned the tables on us and formed a Fire Tunnel to bless us.  It was off the charts!!!

From church we went to a park by the pier and enjoyed a picnic with the church. Gorgeous sunny day...but the party didn't last all day. Had to say goodbye to a few, but we will still be able to see some of our new friends before we leave on Wednesday.

Blog written by Sue Roth


Team USA - Update #3

Team USA - Update #3


We Will Go Arts woodworking shop

  • Its’ focus is Isaiah 61:3
  • Our team spent time that day helping to rearrange the wood to create more space in the building

The Fountain

  • This place has many different opportunities to serve: children with homework, bible studies, and playing basketball  
  • We helped serve the interns and interact with the kids in these areas

Canned Goods

  • It gave a hand on experience of helping hand out the food, as well as, getting to know the community better. 

Hands and Feet

  • This ministry provides away to meet peoples needs, whether that is through clothing to bedding to encountering the Father’s love through prayer

Yard Work/Maintenance

  • Around base 1, we helped clean up the area.
  • Stacking bricks
  • Break up pieces of wood and take the nails out them

Testimonies from Missionaries

  • They completely surrender to Jesus and He has set them free.
  • They share His LOVE with everyone

Praying and Prophesying 

  • From the people on the streets, missionaries, to additional volunteers
  • It felt like almost every time we talked to someone, we were praying and or prophesying over them.
  • People were blessed and felt God’s heart for them


  • Prophesied over the congregation
  • Prayed for people
  • Then we were invited to visit a high school


  • Husband and wife had problems raising their arms and they can raise them to past their ears
  • Team member experienced numbness in her foot and it was healed

Blog written by Lindsey Darnell

Team Nashville - Update #3

Team Nashville - Update #3

Hello, Music City!

We’ve had an amazing time this week full of fellowship, ministry, and team building! 

This week we joined Family Affairs ministry for their weekly Saturday night church service. Sam, Tink, Faith, and Allie led us in praise and worship. Josh had the honor of teaching the topic of the Father Heart of God. Josh is such a gifted teacher and God so in it, with his message being so well received and relevant. Our team stayed around afterwards for a ministry time. A woman was healed and so many people were blessed with prayer and prophetic ministry. It was such a wonderful time of fellowship and a bittersweet time with Pastor Glenda and the family. 

We attended the Sunday morning service at One Stone Church. Their worship was beautiful! Pastor Mark extended the invitation for our team to prophesy over anyone in the church. Thus, after the service we spent a couple hours getting to hear God’s loving thoughts towards His children and blessing these sweet people with personal prophetic ministry. Pastor Mark and the church enjoyed this so much that they invited us to come back to train them in the prophetic. So Josh, Sam, and Tink led our group by sharing teaching on both Hearing God’s Voice and the Prophetic. We had a lot of fun playing activation games that night too! After prophetic games we prayed for some physical healing in the room. We then saw a young lady's left leg grow out!! It's so amazing to get to know people in our own city that are on fire for the Lord and hungry for more!

Team Nashville HomePlate loves to have fun… and that calls for a mid-week Fun Day! We went and played a game at the Escape Game! This was such a cool activity for our group to do- the experience was team-building and exciting- trying to solve a seemingly impossible mystery game full of details and clues, all before our time ran out in 60 minutes. Let’s just say that we felt (and acted) like the game was seriously happening! So fun! We celebrated our “escape” with a patio lunch afterwards because the weather was wonderful!

Thursday nights have become a highlight in our week during this outreach trip. Helping with The Foundry’s Meal of Hope is very practical yet also very Spirit-led. What a neat opportunity to get to help serve food and worship with folks from the community. Brie spoke on the subject of hope and shared some of her testimony… what a powerful night! God’s presence was really evident and touched many who were there. One couple was brought to tears by the hope and ever-present love of Christ. One of the guys that attended the service biked several miles because he felt like God had told him he had a message for him..and to quote him he said "Brie's message was exactly why I came here tonight." It was a sweet and successful last Meal of Hope for us.

We wrapped up our week by spending more time with our friends at The Foundry. We got to honor and love on them some more! We spent all of Friday morning sowing into them as much as we could. Faith taught on Soaking and she was amazing! She encouraged us in the importance of soaking, stillness, and rest. Then, we practiced! We then spent time soaking in the presence of God together and just resting. Our team also got to speak blessing and prophetic words over each of The Foundry’s interns/some staff members individually. This was really special because they've become such dear friends of ours and it was amazing to just hear the Lord's heart for them during personal prophetic ministry. We love them all SO much. 

Again, what a privilege we have to partner with these amazing ministries here in our own city. Nashville… we love you!!!!

Blog written by Kari Brandon