When does the school start?

Registration and orientation for both first and second year begins Tuesday September 8th, 2015 at 9.00am. Classes for both first and second year begin the following Monday (September 14th).

What are the dates of the semesters?

1st Semester - September 14th - December 15th, 2015
2nd Semester - January 4th - April 26th, 2016
An optional three week outreach is offered toward the end of the school.

How much does the school cost?

The school is made up of two years. Students are able to attend first year, without obligating themselves to attend the second. Each year of study at the school costs $3,800 although students can save $300 if they pay in full before September 1st. Married couples and multiple same household family members receive a significant discount on the cost of the second student (and subsequent family members) applying. For students wishing to go on outreach, additional funds will need to be raised. Students are responsible for their own food and accommodation during the school. More detailed information regarding costs can be found on our financial information page.

Can I pay in installments?

While we offer discounts for students who choose to pay in full before September 1st, we also offer the option to pay in three installments each school year. For detailed information on this arrangement, please visit our financial information page. All school fees must be paid before students are eligible to attend the optional outreach.

What do my school fees cover?

Your school fees cover one year of tuition and the books that are required for that year of school. School fees do not cover child care (if you have children) or outreach costs.  If you wish to go on outreach, you will be required to raise additional money.

Is the School of Supernatural Life an accredited institution?

The School of Supernatural Life is designed to bring about transformation of the heart and while students do study scripture and learn in a classroom environment, the school is not an accredited institution.

What are your statement of beliefs?

The School of Supernatural Life is a ministry of Grace Center, a church in Franklin, TN. Our statement of beliefs can be found on our main church website

How do I apply for the school?

Apply for the school here.

Do you provide housing and food?

The School of Supernatural Life is not a residential school. Students are responsible to find their own housing and food.

Do you provide child care? 

Depending on the number of students enrolled with pre-school children, the school has offered centralized child care while school is in session. The cost for this service has been approximately $50 per child, per week for Monday and Tuesday during school hours though this will vary depending on the number of childcare workers needed. The availability of child care is dependent on the number of students with pre-school children that would like to take advantage of this service. If you have been accepted to the school and would make use of this paid service, please let our staff know so that we can co-ordinate this for you.

Where does the school meet?

The school meets at Grace Center's campus in the Firehouse Building. The address is 2420 Bethlehem Loop Rd, Franklin, TN, 37069.

What is a typical week like at the school?

A description of the school and the break down of each day can be found here

What is the flex session on Monday afternoon used for?

The last teaching slot on Monday afternoon is called a flex session in year one.  This time is used for stand-alone teachings, practical trainings, ministry time and soaking.

What are small groups? 

In first year, every student in the school is a member of a small group during the school. These single sex groups have around 5 or 6 students in them and are led by one of our staff small group leaders. Small groups meet on Tuesday afternoons are an excellent opportunity for students to share what God is doing, build an environment of trust, have community and offer opportunities for prayer and care ministry. 

Is the school just for young adults?

The school is open to all ages, though we do ask that students are at least 18 years old when enrolling. While we do have many adults in their twenties and thirties on the school, we also have several students in their forties, fifties and sixties. Whatever your age, you will feel right at home.

Will I be required to attend Grace Center while at the school?

As the school is designed around the importance of the local church, students will receive teaching and minister during Grace Center’s Sunday morning services and the Monday night young adult service called emanate. Students will be scheduled to attend one of the Sunday morning services and the Monday night service where they will serve on the various teams as part of their school attendance. 

What will I learn?

The Bible is clear that all Christians are in full time ministry and so the aim of this school is to equip student to be naturally supernatural wherever they are irrespective of what their vocation ends up being. A list of the topics that are covered in first and second year can be found here.

What does the teaching schedule look like?

An overview of the school week can be found here.

Can I audit some classes?

As the school is focussed on intense growth and personal transformation, we place a high value on creating a safe place for our students to receive. As a certain element of privacy is required to foster this environment, we don't let the public audit our classes. However if you have an interest in attending the school, there are several weeks of the school that are open for prospective students to come visit. To find out more about an on campus visit please email admissions@gracecenter.us.

Can I visit the school?

For those interested in attending the school and would like an on campus visit. We offer several open days where this is possible. Please contact admissions@gracecenter.us to ask for more details about an onsite visit.

Who will be teaching on the school?

Our teachers are a mix of Grace Center’s pastoral team and guest speakers that have relationship with Grace Center. A list of the speakers that have ministered to our students before can be found here.

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