If you are going on an international trip and you  DO NOT have a passport, please email me immediately at

I currently have Health Insurance (including Nashville Trip students):

  1. Call your insurance company (number is on the back of your card):
    1. Will my insurance cover me while I am  traveling in Scotland/Uganda or the USA?
    2. If I have an emergency what do I need to do to make sure that I am covered by the insurance? What number do I call from the country?

This is information that you need to know BEFORE you fill out the form below (as it asks for this information).

I currently DO NOT have Health Insurance:

  1. You will need to purchase Travel Insurance from the FIRST DAY of your trip until the LAST DAY of your trip. You do not need to purchase it now, but will need to provide the policy information to your Team Leaders by March 1, 2015. The cost will be pretty reasonable! See information below for exact dates.


  1. Patriot Travel Medical
  2. Seven Corners Insurance/ Liaison International

Both are good companies and you can pick the plan that is best for you, the only constraint is that it needs to have a minimum coverage of $50,000.


  1. Seven Corners Insurance

    Short term Coverage inside the US.. minimum policy is for 30 days with this company,  but rates should be competitive if you don’t have insurance and need to purchase it. You need to have a minimum coverage of $50,000 but might want to consider a little more.

NASHVILLE TRIP: You will sign a separate liability form that your TLs will give you that just confirms that you are responsible for any health expenses that you may incur while on outreach.


After gathering insurance information, medication info and emergency contact info

  1. Fill out this Form about Health and Insurance
  2. Fill out this Form about Allergies and Skills

Please have these FILLED OUT by 9am Monday, January 26th.


Outreach Information and Policies

Outreach is March 12- April 3rd, 2015. The actual dates may vary by trip.

Nashville (March 4th- March 20th): Work with the Foundry, Family First and One Stone Nashville with your TL's, Faith and X. You will be ministering in East Nashville and some downtown  in a variety of ways. You will be teaching, prophesying, doing supernatural evangelism and loving on Music City. You will be working closely with the poor and bring light to children! You will need to think of this as a 2.5 week outreach.... while you will have a varied schedule and 1-2 days a week off from ministry, we won’t know the dates until about 2 weeks before the trip. It is your responsibility to work your schedule with the Nashville schedule, as you will be an integral part of the team!

USA- Jackson (March 3rd- March 14th): You will be lead by Markus and Allison and head to Jackson, MS. In Jackson, you are partnering with We Will Go ministries to reach out to the poor of Jackson with the Love of the Father.  You will also minister to the missionaries and interns to help them continue to grow in their own personal residence as they continue to minister to others. This is a 10-11 day trip.

USA- Auburn (March 4th- March 14th): You will be lead by Morgan and Sarah Pape and will head to Auburn, AL. In Auburn, you are partnering with the Oaks Church. You will be a big part of equipping this young church to reach their area with shared values of the Father Heart, Healing, and Prophetic.  You will also do campus ministry and partner with God to transform hearts. This is a 10day trip.

UK ( March 3rd- March 24th): You will head to New Castle, England with Keith and Sheila. On this 2nd trip to Sunderland you will parti with Bethshan Church to minister to the area of Sunderland- New Castle. You will also travel to Edinburgh, Scotland to work with a ministry school there. There are a variety of ways that they are reaching the community and you will join them as well as, teach, prophesy and bring love where ever you go. You will met SOSL Alumni and form Grace Center staff as  you partner with friends of GC.

South Africa ( March 3rd- March 24th):  This is our second trip to Nelspruit, South Africa.. where you will partner with IRIS MINISTRIES as White River. Join Jonathan and Kelsey on this epic adventure. You will not only be in the city of Nelspruit and last Micheal’s Children Village, but you will also go out and minister in the bush to those who desperately need a touch from God in their body and spirits.

Iceland ( March 3rd- March 23rd):  This is our first trip to Iceland where you will minister with a Catch the Fire Church, being led by Matt and Mel. You will be based in the capital city, but might make a few excursions.

Australia ( March 3rd- March 23rd):  This is our second trip to Melbourne, Australia. where you will partner with Hillview church. You will not only be in the city of Melbourne,  but you will also go out and minister to other churches in nearby areas.  Be released in teaching, prophetic, signs and wonders as you partner with dear friends and SOSL alumni to bring the Kingdom to Melbourne.

To sign up for a trip, you need to put a deposit down online at All you need to do is log in and you can pick the trip of your choice and pay for the deposit then. If you want to pay your deposit by check or cash, please email with details. The deposit deadline is 9am, November 9th.


What is your relationship to money? I encourage you to take some time and consider this and other questions as you read through this booklet based on a talk by Henry Nouwen.

The Spirituality of Fundraising

Support Letters:

If you need a suggestion to help you write a support letter here are a few samples in a pdf format. You can copy and past the information into a word processing document of your choice and fill in the blanks. I would encourage you to be yourself, keep the letter to a page, give specific information about finances, deadlines and how to give. Have FUN!

Sample 1

Sample 2

For more Fundraising tips, here are some thoughts that Charlene put together for you.

Fundraising Tips

Requirements for Outreach

To be eligible for outreach all students must have paid their school tuition in full and have met the requirements for graduation as specified in SOSL policies. 


Option 1: $350:     NASHVILLE               March 4-20th

Option 2: $750:     USA (MS)                   March 3-14th

Option 3: $750:     USA (AL)                    March 4-14th

Option 4: $2800:   UK                             March 3-24th

Option 5: $3300:   SOUTH AFRICA        March 3-24th

Option 6: $3800:   ICELAND                   March 3-23rd

Option 7: $3800:   AUSTRALIA              March 3-23rd

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 1.48.47 AM.png

Important Notes

  • All donations to outreach are tax deductible.
  • No funds given for outreach are refundable.

All funds that are donated to Grace Center for your outreach trip are tax deductible. In order for us to do this we will be following the IRS guidelines and outreach funds will not be refundable.  This means that if you raise over the amount you need we can not refund you the difference or give it to you, as it is a donation. This also means that if you decide to drop at the ticketing deadline of December 7th, the money that you raised can not be refunded but will be used at our discretion.

When you (or anyone who gives to you) donates online they will see this notice:

By selecting "I agree", you are agreeing to make a tax-deductible donation to Grace Center Church to support missions and outreach trips being sent through their missions  or SOSL department. 

This donation is non-refundable, and is to be used entirely at the discretion of Grace Center Church. You are also acknowledging that you are not receiving any goods or services for this donation. Thank you for your generosity!

International Trips:

I will be finalizing the tickets at the first payment (December 7th), so all students need to be up to date with the payment plan and be graduation eligible.  All Students need to be solid in all trips by this date and you are locked in as arrangements will be have been made for the entire team.

Domestic Trips:

Although we are not processing international tickets for you, we are arranging ground transportation, housing, and ministry that depend on you being on the trip, therefore, you too are locked in to the outreach at the international ticketing deadline of December 7th*.

Trip minimum: 

If a trip does not have the minimum number of people deposited by the deposit deadline or if there seems to not be enough interest in a trip, the trip may not happen. If this is the case those on the trip will be notified so that they can transfer their deposits to another trip.

Trip maximum: 

Once a trip has the maximum of deposited students it will be closed. If your first choice trip is closed, you can email me to be put on the alternate list…however, you still need to deposit on another trip. If you are an alternate on a trip where a spot opens up before the international ticketing deadline (December 7th), I will give you an option to change trips or remain on the trip that you are currently slotted in (this is subject to change based on the needs of the team).

Outreach Refund Policy:

All money received for outreach is a donation to Grace Center church and if it cannot be used by the account it is donated for it will go into the general outreach account and when that is fully funded then into the general account.