We're pleased to announce that after several years of prayer and planning we are launching our second year of SOSL in September 2015.

Second year will build on the foundation taught in the first year of school. Second year students will go deeper in the core values of the school while exploring new topics geared to draw out their greatness and destiny. While first year focussed on establishing identity and began the journey of inner healing, second year focusses on the call of leadership for each student. The equipping of spiritual gifts and trainings in practical life learned in first year are developed further in second year as students continue to grow in prophetic, dream interpretation and interpersonal communication skills.

A major focus of 2nd year is the systematic study of The Bible. Students will learn to read, interpret and apply the scriptures in their lives. Students will graduate with new confidence in their understanding of the major themes found in the Old and New Testaments. As in first year, students will meet on Mondays and Tuesdays and will be taught by a mix of Grace Center staff and visiting teachers from around the world.

Students that have graduated from the first year of SOSL will be eligible to apply for second year. Start the application process today!.