What Will I Learn?

The school is focussed on personal transformation and practical hands on training. You will encounter God and have a personal experience of transformation to establish wonderful character that can sustain revival. At the same time you will learn how to do the supernatural works of Jesus in a very natural way.

By the end of the school you will have experience healing the sick, prophesying, preaching and teaching, supernatural evangelism, encountering angels, ministering deliverance and have confidence to know God in a new way.

You will learn how to hear God’s voice, understand dreams and visions, walk in godliness and purity and have a fresh value on the Word of God. The classes will be taught by a combination of Grace Center’s pastoral staff and gifted prophets, teachers and apostolic leaders from around the world that have relationship with Grace Center.

There is a mix of classroom teaching, small group time and hands and activation. Students get to minister in a local church environment, and with an optional three week outreach trip at the end of the school, there is plenty of opportunity to put into practice what you learn.


The curriculum of the school is designed to support our core values of the Father's love, sonship, healing of the heart and supernatural power. We cover a broad range of topics, but all are designed to help heal up and train up our students.

1st Year

Students in first year will cover the following topics:

  • Hearing the voice of God
  • The father heart of God
  • Healing life's hurts
  • Introduction to prophetic ministry
  • Introduction to healing the sick
  • The joy of sexual purity
  • The 7 Life languages 
  • Supernatural evangelism
  • Brave communication
  • Boundaries
  • Intimacy with God
  • Honor


  • Dream interpretation
  • Angels, demons & spiritual warfare
  • Introduction to sozo
  • How to prepare a message
  • How to deliver a message
  • How to handle humans


2nd Year

Students in second year will cover the following topics:

  • Hearing the voice of God
  • Sonship and the father heart of God
  • Biblical healing and deliverance
  • Advanced prophetic ministry
  • Healing the sick
  • How to read the Bible
  • A study of the New Testament
  • A study of the Old Testament
  • The life of a leader
  • Leading people
  • The power of the Atonement
  • Sustaining a life of revival
  • The value of community
  • Men and women in ministry
  • Becoming powerful people
  • Managing your time, energy and finances
  • Cultivating a spirit of excellence
  • God's heart for missions


We're privileged to have rich relationships with many leaders from around the world. These leaders, along with the pastoral staff at Grace Center make up the teachers at the school. Below is a list of some of the leaders that have ministered to our students either at Grace Center or at the school:

Please note that each school will have different visiting speakers due to their availability and travel schedules. Not every leader listed above will teach every school.