Building on the foundations taught in first and second year, the third year of School of Supernatural Life is designed for students to take all of the tools that they have receive in year 1 and year 2 and to put them into practice as they partner and intern with various departments in Grace Center. A year 3 alumnus put it this way, “I experienced year 1 and year 2 as a hospital, year 3 was a greenhouse, where I was able to stay planted and flourish.” Student interns devote 60 to 80 hours monthly serving with various Grace Center departments.

Core value month

In the first four weeks of the school, all students in year 1, year 2 and year 3 learn (or in the case of year 2 and 3, re-learn) the core values of our school. Based on feedback from our small group leaders and alumni who have heard this foundational teaching a second or third time, they are stunned to find that God reveals new teaching, brings great healing and sharpens existing gifts. Without fail, students who are hearing core value month for a second time ask, "Did you add more this year?" only to be shocked when they hear that it's the same material they heard 12 or more months earlier.


Third year students are given the same opportunities as first and second year students to serve other churches and ministries around the world by participating in an optional outreach toward the end of the year.


Students meet on Mondays from 9:45AM to 11:00AM for a weekly teaching session taught by various members of our Grace Center staff. This time is included in their required monthly internship hours.

Teaching Topics

  • Hearing the voice of God

  • Healing the heart and deliverance

  • The Father Heart of God

  • Prophetic Ministry

  • Aligning yourself with authority

  • Learning to be un-offendable

  • Pastoring for the long haul

  • Intercession and spiritual warfare

  • Stewarding favor

  • Keeping relational circuits on

  • Leading with a servant’s heart

  • Moving at the speed of trust

  • Dealing with disappointment

  • Perceiving Jesus

  • Cultivating wisdom

  • Following the presence of God



After attending core value month, students will meet on Mondays from 9AM-11AM. The day starts with worship and then a teaching session takes place. These times are included in their monthly 60 to 80 hours. The rest of the week is spent completing the remainder of their hours and responsibilities in their individual internship roles. These times are included in their monthly 60 to 80 hours.

Students are given optional weekly journal assignments to help them apply the teaching they've received and go deeper in their relationship with Jesus.


Internship options may change from year to year. For the 2019-2020 school year there are potential internships available in the following departments:

  • Alyn & AJ

  • AV/IT

  • Emanate

  • Family Life

  • Grace Kids

  • Inner Healing

  • Keep it Real

  • Personal Ministry

  • SOSL

  • Video Production

  • Women’s Ministry

  • Worship and Creative Arts


  • Log into your student account to read through the detailed internship descriptions and apply for a Year 3 internship (you can apply for your top three choices).

  • Once applications have closed, you will be contacted by an SOSL administrator to schedule an interview with potential Internship Leaders.

  • After the interviews have been conducted, you will be contacted by SOSL with which Internship you have been placed in and will have 14 days to pay your deposit to secure your spot in the program. Full financial information can be found on our ‘Financial Info’ page.